An Afternoon in the Garden of Fear and Loathing

It’s half past threefive oclock in the afternoon, and I’m forcing myself to have a belated lunch break at work. Do you ever have days when you watch the email inbox with a creeping dread? I know I do - I’m doing it right now. My insanity is such that rather than going for a walk, getting some fresh air, or catching up with co-workers elsewhere in the building, I’m staying here, on my own, typing this garbage.

I am my own worst enemy. I always have been.

Last weekend I updated the Drupal installation at, and revised the structure of the content held within the site. Nobody can see it anyway. This wasn’t so much “painting the back of the fence”, as “painting the fence you’re never going to put up”.

I returned to Tumblr this week (albeit not as a very active member at all), and spent time publishing content to make my page look a little less sparse - I had after all deleted everything a couple of weeks before. I’m still not sure I’m doing the right thing in returning, but better to have a toe in the water there than repeatedly leave and return. I wonder how long until the toe turns blue and drops off ?

This isn’t a very interesting blog post, is it. It might interest you to know it took approximately 3 hours to write - inbetween dodging the various slings and arrows associated with my day job. Perhaps I need to start a new page in the secret project dossier I have yet to invent, and title it “Figure out how to become rich enough to not need to do what other people want ever again”…