Emptying My Head

750 Words is a fantastic website where you can empty your head, and get your thoughts analysed by all manner of psychological profiling techniques. The only requirement is to write - it’s supposed to be private, but you can share the statistics that result. Just to give you some idea of the correlation, here’s what I just wrote, along with the analysis afterwards…

It’s been a while since I wrote anything at 750 words… kind of nervous emptying my head to a machine, but I’ve done it before. In some ways it helps to think of the machine as some kind of person; a very quiet one of course, but you could argue it has a presence at least. Some people name their computers don’t they… Perhaps I think in terms of an unknown audience, out there beyond the screen.

Ok. Now I have to find something to write about to satisfy the number crunching that goes on in 750 words brain. The story of my day. My frustrations, and annoyances. That’s going to be difficult because most of my annoyances are wrapped up in work, and professional ethics dictate that I remain shtum.

Life perhaps, or rather my lack of it at the moment. Days start at 7:30ish in the morning, and typically tumble down a steep hill like a minor avalanche. I somehow keep pace with the pile of falling rocks, and reach the early evening in one piece (or sometimes a few pieces).

Mornings are a race against time to push the children out of the door in time to make their walk to school before being late. Having W now working in the school narrows that window even further; they will not only make themselves late for school - they will make her late for work. I’ve lost count of the number of times recently that we’ve had to chase our eldest around the house to find shoes, school bag, and coat. We wonder if she’s just going to be “that kind of person”… the kind that is always late for everything, and never has an appreciation of punctuality.

The work day (if measured against today) could vaguely be likened to playing chess while talking on the phone, and being distracted by people waiting for you to finish your phone call. Maybe we throw in some mathematics, some fire fighting, and a fair amount of holding our head in our hands too. Lets just say over the last few weeks the old saying about “those who don’t know how manage” has seemed more true than ever.

While working in the office, I absolutely have to leave on time. Nearly every night of the week has something associated with it - be that Brownies, or Guides, or Football Practice, or some after-school club, or a parents meeting that W has to take minutes for. The flipside occurs when I go away - it either costs a fortune in babysitters, or W and the kids go everywhere together, or W and the kids go nowhere.

Quite apart from arriving home, my first task is always the washing up mountain, and the carnage in the kitchen. I’m not quite sure what the rest of the family do, but the amount of work they cause me - every single day - has to be seen to be believed. Two loads through the dishwasher every night. If I clean the entire kitchen and put everything away it seems to be a trigger for W to bake a cake or something - which means I will be washing up again, and clearing the kitchen again at midnight, so we have half a chance of making sandwiches in the morning - or avoiding food poisoning.

Once we reach about 8pm at night, the evening becomes my own. It’s just gone 8pm while writing this, the soundtrack from Tron is playing, and I’m having some “me” time. The younger children have already gone to bed, and the eldest is at Guides (see what I mean… something is happening every night).

I’m not entirely sure what happens to each evening. I will often look at my watch to see how long I have left, and figure out “oh, at least 4 hours until midnight”. I’ll start tinkering with something on the web, or reading something, or watching something, or listening to something, and before I know it, it’s 2am, and I’ve been up to “something or other” for 6 hours. It happens too often for my liking.

I started to wonder if I should kick the computer into touch every other night and just read. I’ve had a Kindle now for a year and a half, and have only read about 4 books on it. I’ve read no paper books during that time at all. The only time I have read has been on long train journeys for work… maybe I enter an agreement with everbody who knows me - if they see me online on conscutive nights, they tell me to log out…

Oh look - I just burned through 750 words without really trying. I guess it’s easier than I thought it might be - either that, or I have too much going on in my head at the moment.

And here’s the analysis…