NaBloPoMo and Lisa

One of the great benefits of having taken part in this curious online world for so long, is you know the back-story behind things. While reading a press-release on WordPress about NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) just now, I found myself shaking my head - not believing what I was reading.

NaBloPoMo was started in 2006 by Eden Kennedy as a lesser version of the annual madcap novel writing challenge “NaNoWriMo”. Because I keep everything, and am kind of insane, I still have the post in this blog from the day I discovered it - “NaBloPoMo Beckons”…

I think Eden might have even coined the term “NaBloPoMo”, and put an immense amount of effort into running a community meeting-place for it almost single-handed. When the 2007 event rolled around, Ning had appeared on the internet, and quickly became the platform for the ragtag group of bloggers taking part.

Looking back now, 2008 marks the end of my involvement in the mayhem, because my life got tipped upside down (we adopted three amazing little girls), but you can imagine my surprise when I read the following on WordPress this morning; “NaBloPoMo’s home is over at BlogHer” I’m guessing, given that the Ning community is now invitation only and the original URL for NaBloPoMo also points to BlogHer, that the reins were handed over at some point in the past. Another part of the great internet shake-out that seems to be happening everywhere. While it is probably inevitable, it’s also sad in some ways.

Time to drift completely away from the original point of this post, in a classic “distracted by something I just saw” manner…

While digging through old posts looking for my first involvement with NaBloPoMo, I came across comments from Lisa Powell. We met online during the November of 2006, commenting on each other’s blogs, and become close friends. The friendship somehow endured for years - writing emails back and forth now and again, reading each other’s posts, and even calling on Skype from time to time.

And then she died…

One Winter morning just after New Year in 2010 her car left the road and she was killed instantly. Seeing her comments in my blog still causes me to pause, and to remember her laughter, her stories, and her smile.

I guess in some ways it’s sad that NaBloPoMo means more to me now about people that are no longer with us, than those discovering it for the first time.