The one where Miss Eight showed her true musical leanings

It’s a funny old world. After the stresses and strains of yesterday, returning home in a foul mood (caused by computers failing to bend themselves to my will), today was remarkably ok.

Perhaps when things start to go wrong I react badly, but then once into the bumpy ride, I get used to the fact that nothing’s perfect, and put up with it all.

Who knows.

Anyway. I have a story to tell.

Last weekend we promised to take the children to the toyshop in return for really great mid-year school reports. After walking around our local equivalent of Al’s Toy Barn at least twice, the kids decided what they wanted.

Miss Eleven picked a “paint your own piggy bank” kit, Little Miss Six chose Hello Kitty aquabeads (don’t ask), and Little Miss Eight chose… wait for it… a battery powered electric guitar.

Yes. Stop laughing.

Later that evening (after an extended rehearsal in an upstairs bedroom), we gathered in the living room to watch the inaugural performance of the biggest little girl band in our house. I’ll admit to being a bit worried because I caught some of the rehearsal - it seemed to consist of thrash metal from the guitar, african drums a la saucepan, and random lines from songs from The Lion King.

The live performance was… interesting.

While Miss Eleven blew a single note on a toy saxophone over, and over, and over, with no flickr of feeling, Miss Six hit things with sticks. Meanwhile Miss Eight stood between them, feet wide, making the toy guitar make tortured noises, and nodding her head in a slow, serious manner while doing so.

Myself and W didn’t dare look at each other for fear of laughing, which wouldn’t have been received well.

We forgot all about the guitar after the performance - as did Miss Eight. Until this morning.

I woke at about 6:45 this morning, glanced at the alarm clock, and collapsed back into the pillow. A few minutes later, after fidgeting around for a while, I heard movement from the children’s bedroom.

Followed by a tremendous crash of distortion guitar.