Too Many Hats

Over the last few weeks an inescapable truth has become more evident than ever before; I can’t be everything - I can’t do everything. I can’t be all the things that everybody wants me to be.

Oh, I’ve tried. I’ve tried, I’ve failed, and the more I fall, the more of a flake I appear.

Recently people have been asking me about freelance web design work - offering me money. Knowing that we’re not well off, I become my own worst enemy - it’s like offering drugs to an addict.

It’s so easy to look at all the things the children don’t have, and the hours I might spend working during evenings to provide those things. Things we don’t reallyneed. It’s also easy to think about the time - the time spent working, or the time spent with the children, and forget that I need time to myself too.

How often do we hear people talking about “losing themselves” ?How often have we heard people talk about being “poor, but happy” ?

I’m slowly learning to wear less hats. To do less. To say no. It isn’t easy though.