Working from Home

Fifteen minutes ago I sat down to write something before beginning work for the day. I still haven’t written anything (unless you count this). I now have half an hour before the work laptop has to come out of the bag, and I absolutely need to get on with something. The knowledge that my co-workers will be going through a similar avoidance scheme is entertaining in a way; I’m half tempted to open a chat window with the girl who sits behind me in the office, and open the video window “by accident” - catch her in her pyjamas.

We are all working from home today, if you were wondering. A planned “work from home day” while something is done to the electricity supply to the office. I thought perhaps the lack of heating yesterday was connected, but apparently not.

Now you see - while writing this, unseen by the reader, I just wasted another fifteen minutes installing the “Trillian” messaging client on the desktop at home, and connected it to everybody I know. If you’re reading this, and would like to get in touch, the various methods are listed out on the contact page (I think).

Ten minutes to go. I need to start sorting the laptop out. I know exactly what I have to do today, and I’m not looking forward to it.