According to Greta

The living room is dark, the patio doors wide open, the house lights off, a fan is forcing air around the room, and a movie is quietly painting light across the coffee table and far wall. I’m sitting on the couch, the ChromeBook propped on my lap, while the younger children sleep in a tent in the garden.

Sleeping in the garden was my ideaso I automatically draw the short straw with the couch. I wonder if they will remember we did this when they are older? When they have children of their own?Earlier this evening I watched a movie called “According to Greta”, about a young girl sent to her grandparents for the summer. I have this knack of finding amazing movies that few people have heard ofif you’ve not seen it, I urge you to do so. Thoughtful, quiet, powerful movies.

My favourite indie movie discovery has to be “Flakes"about a cafe that only serves cereals.

It’s getting late.

I need to fetch a blanket, and set myself up on the couch for the night ahead.