Catching Up With Captain Slow

On the cycle into work this morning I managed to catch up with Captain Slow (the new guy) again. I was in the middle of listening to Carly Rae Jepsen on my music player, and didn’t really want to talk to anybody, so slowed down to a crawl. I even stopped at one point, and cycled round in circles for a while.

It was no good. A quarter of a mile on, I caught up with him again. I can’t quite figure out how somebody can cycle so slowafter resigning myself to having to talk to him, and pulling the music from my ears, I tried to keep pace. If I put any kind of weight on the pedals at all, I ended up pulling away from him.

The awful thing is, he’s actually a nice guy. Too nice reallyhe has stories about everything, knows everybody in town, and can talk endlessly about nothing in the most entertaining way imaginable.

I just don’t like having to pass the time of day with people on my way to work it’s “me” time. The cycle to work typically happens at the end of a two hour sprint to get the kids (and the grown-ups) up and out the door on a morning. The bike ride is a few minutes of peace and quiet before arriving at work, and facing the next disaster.