Forcing Change

Now the media has finally turned it’s attention to far more important things (like which countries are going to dare help Syria), I just wanted to say one thing.

F*cking go for it Miley. Take no notice of the haters. Be different. Be original. Change things. Be brave. Be fierce. Be strong. Be an inspiration to the next generation.

I have a kind of vested interest, because I have three young daughtersbut if Miley’s example of forcing changeno matter how she does itis an example to them of being dogmatic, stubborn, and controversial in the face of so much cynicism, conservatism, and snobbishness, then I back her all the way.

Yes, she’s out thereover the edge at times. That’s why she will be remembered. Every other generation seems to experience this shiftand this time it appears to be sexual in nature.

It’s about time everybody got over the human bodywe are all made of the same parts after all