Friday Morning, 1am

I’m playing that game where you avoid the arrival of tomorrow by staying up late tonight. Except it’s already tomorrow, so the game doesn’t really work at all, and you never learn… or at least I never learn.

It’s not like I’m hiding from anything in particular. I just don’t want the day to end. Today (or rather this evening) has been fun. I finally crashed into a some-time friend online, and we chatted for some time - realising along the way that we get on like a house on fire.

That’s an odd phrase really, isn’t it - “getting on like a house on fire” ? It’s kind of like saying “they liked each other so much, they burned everything they owned to the ground, and destroyed everything around them”. It makes no sense at all.

A new friend to add to the new blogging friendships I seem to be forging in all directions. It’s been years since I “put myself out there”.

Yes, I made a lot of friends during my stay at Tumblr, but it’s not a public blogging platform in the same way as Blogger, or WordPress, or TypePad - it’s more of a walled garden. A huge birthday party that nobody ever leaves… they all copy each other, tell each other too much, post revealing photos, and then fight like cat and dog before changing their names and repeating over, and over again.

Enough about them.

Here’s to new beginnings, late nights, new friends, and not going to bed.