While busy monkeying with nothing in particular for the greater part of last night, I happened upon a news article listing announcements from Google IO - their annual developer conference. I had completely forgotten about it, so headed off to read the livestream notes at one of the tech sites (can’t remember if it was Mashable or Engadget now).

I spent the next half hour reading the stream, and realising that Google haven’t been sat on their hands for the last couple of years - they have been busy. Really busy. I’m not going to list out all the cool new things they announced, but suffice to say it encouraged me to change the way this blog works (and kind of falls into a longer term plan I had all along - to switch on the integration between Google+ and Blogger).

In terms of people who come and read the rubbish I write, it means the comments will rely on Google+ accounts now - but that’s no bad thing; the new Hangouts provides the best web (or mobile) chat experience I have ever seen. I tested a video chat with my other half last night, and it’s immediately going to replace Skype for both of us.

I’m going to experiment with the upgraded Books, Photos, and Music services over the next few days too. I doubt I will write about it, but expect to start seeing photos in the blog at last.

In other news, I killed my Tumblr and Instagram accounts this morning. I have been annoyed with Tumblr for ages - the platform has huge potential because the user base is so interesting, but they are slowly destroying any and all good will by not implementing obvious features that the membership wants.

I promise to return to inane posts about life, the universe and everything following this rather nerdy brain dump.