It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down on Friday

Anybody else remember the Rebecca Black song? Just me? Finebut I bet it’s in your head nowor you’re about to go and search for it on YouTube, which will then pollute your head with it forever more.

I do have an antidote of sorts; queueing it right now on Google Music"Black Dog Barking" by Airbourne. It reminds me a lot of KISS, and it a pretty damn good for distracting you at lunchtime when you have nothing better to do than dump your thoughts into a blog post. Not that I have many thoughts to dump today, but I’ll carry on writing anyway. Nothing beats a long blog post about nothing at all.

I guess I should write something about the huge division I have carved through my online self over the last few days. I have essentially seperated the “real world” me from the “blogger” mea bit like Superman when he got in the crystal thingy that turned him normal and then back again in Superman 2 except I have ended up with two of me, which isn’t quite the same is it. Dammit.

I have managed to grab the same username almost everywhereTwitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr. The only odd one out is WordPress (I wanted somewhere to dump all the old writingBlogger is connected to Google+), but it’s close enough, and kind of makes sense (visit and you’ll see the play on words). I’m only going to post the big long navel gazing ramblages (such as this one) into WordPress. Tumblr will be a kind of scrapbook of my life, thoughts and ideaswhich it always has been, to be honest (despite me leaving and returning four or five times over the years).

Anyway it’s nearing the end of lunchtime, and I have lots of things to avoid doing.