Saturday Morning, 8am

The weekend is here, and the entire family seems to be exhaling, and relaxing into it. The children have only been back at school for a few days, but lurching the house back towards the term-time routine has been a shock to it’s system.

Miss Twelve is quietly playing Minecraft in the playroom, her younger sisters are watching back-to-back cartoons in the lounge, the cats have vanished after demanding their breakfast, the chickens are scouring the garden for bugs, and my other half is hiding under the duvet upstairs.

I should really go and have a shower and a shave, but if I don’t write this now a thousand other things will begin happening, and before we know it the day will be over, the thoughts will be gone, and this post will never have happened.

This was a “slice of life” post on behalf of the “too tired to have a shower, but might have another coffee” party.