The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

Our eldest has been going through a tough time recently, so last night while her sisters were at Brownies I pushed everything else to one side, and gave her my entire evening.

“If you finish your homework quickly, we’ll go and buy some fizzy drinks and chocolate, and watch a movie together”


I’m reminded of the Ghost of Christmas Past from Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” - when she remarks that all Fizziwig has done is spend a few pounds to change the demeanor of everybody. Last night I spent a few pounds, and a few hours, and turned a little girl around.

Armed with 7-Up and sour sweets, we flicked through all manner of garbage movies on Netflix and LoveFilm, finally settling on “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants”. I guess in movie terms it’s somewhere between a “family friendly” movie, and a “chick flick”. I’m almost famous for enjoying any movie though, so I wasn’t really bothered. I extended an arm, and Miss 12 shuffled herself against me and became completely and utterly absorbed in the lives of four girls a little older than herself for the next hour or so. I’m wondering about buying her the books as a surprise present - she loves reading, and this will push her on to more grown up books.

Anyway… it seemed to work. She went to bed happy, and got up this morning happy. I guess girls just need their Dad sometimes. No doubt in years to come she will remember, and laugh at me for having sat through such ridiculous movies with her (and before you ask, yes, I took her to see Mamma Mia at the cinema).