A few excerpts from today’s brain dump in the notebook while sitting in the cafe next to the park; This little dog is running between the tables, off the lead. What is it with some people? There are signs everywhere.

Two children are having a screaming competition in the middle of the park. They need to have their heads banged together.

A few tables away, a typical “park mum” is sitting in shorts, and huge sunglasses, facing away from the playpark. She is obviously facing the cafe “to be seen”, rather than keeping an eye on her children. Go figure.

Two ass hat hipster Dads just spent the last few minutes having a conversation in the gateway of the parkcompletely oblivious of everybody else that they were blocking, either coming into or leaving the park.

The little girl that lives two doors down is here with a friend. They have handbags. They are only eleven years old.