Winter is Coming

This post is not a homage to the houses of Baratheon, Stark, Lannister and Targaryen (although I wish it was)it is in reference to the weather changing dramatically over the last few days in England, and forecasts suddenly predicting the worst November in decades. Torrential snowfall is forecast, and freezing temperatures.

I’ve spent most of the day in the garden, first picking up windfalls from the apple tree, and then cutting the grass.

In normal circumstances you might imagine “picking up windfalls” would be straightforward. Unfortunately we have a 50ft tall apple tree in our gardenone of the last remnants of the orchard that the houses in our road were built on. The huge, ancient tree produces fruit perhaps once every two years now, and this year we just didn’t get around to picking the apples very oftenparticularly over the last few weeks.

At a conservative estimate, I would say I picked up about a thousand apples this morning, and threw them onto the compost heap. It took an hour, and my back knew all about it afterwards. The chickens are probably not very pleased with me, because they spent countless hours each day picking over the fallen apples to find grubs.

Cutting the grass probably did more harm than good, but given the impending weather predictions, this weekend may well be the last chance to cut it before the rain and snow arrive.

I need to have another shower. I itch all overno doubt unwelcome “visitors” have hitched a ride on me while out in the garden