The little dashboard widget thing in the corner of WordPress informed me the other day that I had crossed the “100 follower” mark in my non-existent quest for world domination. I started wondering why we attach such importance to particular numbersbut that’s because I’m a bit of a math nerd (actually, that whole debate is more about numerology than numeracyand numerology is about as bat-shit crazy as astrology).

Even the word “followers” is a bit weird when you think about it. It implies a pied piper figure at the center of it all. A cult leader. A lunatic. I’ll freely admit to being a bit stupid at times, but I’m never going to convince anybody to “follow” me. Maybe if I grew a beard, wore sandals, and got angry about social and political subjects in public people might gravitate towards me. Then again, who’s going to listen to a scruffy guy with a beard ranting on nonsensically about some rubbish or other?Anyway.

I write “anyway” a lot.

I guess this is just a huge thankyou to the few of you that do read my inane ramblings, and an apology that I have read so little of yours recently. I could line up excuse after excuse, but excuses only serve to make the person spouting them feel better.

I hope to do better (notice I didn’t write “promise” therethat’s another thing that annoys the hell out of me).