Brain Dump

It’s Friday evening, and the weekend is upon us. The kids are watching a movie in the lounge on “Amazon Prime Instant”, whatever the hell that isI just downloaded the app for the XBox, and they are all glued to it. All except Miss 8 who is making a cardboard dinosaur from a kit somebody bought for her birthday.

It’s not actually her birthday until a couple of weeks time, but all of her friends are going away for Easter so we had the party earlythis evening after school. I didn’t goI was working. I’m always working at the momentit sucks. They went to Laser Tag, and apparently it was greatexcept nobody really knows, because only the hoard of screaming kids went into the darkened hall where the battle happened. I guess “what happens at Laser Tag stays at Laser Tag”.

I’ve already packed a suitcase full of clothes to travel on Sunday night with work. That’s all I want to say about that, because that sucks too. Another five hours on trains to get there. Another four nights in a hotel on my own. Another four days headbutting a brick wall in some far-away office. The people are nice though.

Tomorrow night we have been invited to attend the evening party of a weddingsomebody I used to work with. We had a strange message from Facebook (from the bride-to-be) requesting that nobody post photos of the bride and groom to the social networks while at the event. I was kind of annoyed, but my other half agreed with them. I’m still annoyed nowof course I won’t say anything, but I will laugh when their photo appears all over the internet, because of course everybody there is going to ignore their request.

In other news, I need to go and buy socks tomorrow. It will probably be the highlight of my weekendand that sucks too.