Bringing my life back online

I arrived home at about 8:30pm last night after another five hours aboard a succession of trains. While we all like to complain about the smallest of interruptions to our journeys, it’s worth noting that the last few trips I have made across the country have been almost entirely without incident.

The only annoyance on this journey was the man sat directly in front of me, who talked non-stop on his phone for the first hour of the journeyoften in an animated, agitated, voluble manner. I thought more than once about leaning over and telling him to shut up, but didn’tbecause I’m English, and we are good at putting up with all sorts of crap.

I arrived at our front door in the dark, after posting progress to my other half’s phone en-routemarking down the stops during the final hour of the journey. After hitting the door knocker twice, I listened for the sound of approaching feet before the door burst open.

I love coming home. The first ten minutes were filled with a tumbling download of everything that had happened, before being re-united with “Geek Boy"the teddy bear the kids had made at Build-a-Bear for my birthday. Apparently they had been “looking after him” during my absence.

It’s good to be home.

I fear the washing machine may catch fire at some point over the weekendit’s already on it’s fourth load of the day.