Everything is awesome and nobody is happy

I showed my co-workers the Louis C K clip on YouTube the other day, where he berates the current generation for expecting everything to be handed to them on a plate.I completely agree with him.

I think perhaps the thing that annoys me the most is when people expect everything and everybody around them to fit in with their life, their views, and their behaviour, rather than adapting. I am continually amazed at the effort people are willing to invest in complaining, fighting, and arguing, rather than either seeking another solution, or getting on with their life.Life really is too short.

The most obvious example of this behaviour is social networks, where people willingly share articles that support their otherwise private bigoted views, and are then surprised when they are either unfollowed, or drawn into quickly escalating arguments.

Perhaps the title of this post should have been “everybody thinks everybody shares their views, but in reality very few do”.

Getting back to the whole “awesome” thing though, I often find myself reflecting on the technology that surrounds us, and shaking my head at how amazing it all is; With the press of a few buttons I can open a live video chat with a friend on the other side of the planet. With a few key presses I can find out anything about pretty much anythingfrom the atomic weight of hydrogen atoms, to the ingredients of spaghetti bolognese. My phone can automagically file away all the photos I have taken in the recent past while I’m not using it, to protect me from dropping it down the toilet (which I have never done, if you were wondering, but I’m always amazed at how many others seem to have done). I can find out the route to get to some far flung destination while I’m stood in the middle of the street, and can even see what the place looks like from the street. My phone can remind me endlessly about putting the rubbish bins out, that a particular show is on the TV later, that a friend’s birthday is coming up, or any number of other things.

Everything really is awesome.