Inset Days FTW

While writing the title of this post, it occurred to me that I used to have real trouble assigning words to the letters “FTW"probably because the acronym is so similar to “WTF”, and we all knowthose words. In this case, it means “For The Win”, honest.

Anyway. Sidetracked before writing anything. Off to a great start.

Owing to the school using one of their “inset” days yesterday, I had the day booked off. Given that I had already spent much of the weekend washing clothes, and tidying the house, the day became my own for the first time in recent memory.

By 9:15 I was out of the door with the children, walking towards Higginson Park in town. The sun was shining, the park was empty, and the kids ran riot while I quietly caught up on the social networks, and sipped coffee. All was good with the worldfor a while.

You see, when you get to mid-morning in an affluent town, a curious thing happensI’ve seen it happen in numerous places when attending business meetings when I’ve arrived early and sought a coffee shop. An army of Mums appear. Mums who don’t have jobs, and can afford to sit in cafes all morning. Their strollers are usually made from composite materials, their children dressed like mini adults, and they sport sunglasses and fake tan that footballer’s wives would be proud of (perhaps some of themare footballer’s wives).

I overheard a conversation about which restaurant they were going to have lunch in, and decided I’d had enough.

We walked a mile or so along the river before turning for homepicking up stones, investigating bugs, and doing the other things you do on the riverbank when you have nothing else to get on with. We talked about all manner of ridiculous things, and when I say ridiculous, Imean ridiculous;“Who can think of the most Superheros"“Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Wonderwoman, Hulk, Emmit"“Emmit’s not a superhero"“Ummm.““Fantastic Four?““Fantastic Five!““I think you’ll find there’s only four of them"“No there’s five!““Mr Fantastic, The Thing, Torch, and Jessica Alba” (I forgot her character name)” and their dog!““The fantastic four didn’t have a dog!““Oh Oh! I meant the Famous Five!““But the famous five are not superheroes.““Yes they are!““They don’t have any super powers!““They can fly!““No they can’t fly!““Yes they can, they have rocket packs!“I gave up at that point, and burst out laughing. You really cannot compete with the invention of a child’s mind when arguing about anything. It reminded me of the times you watch children playing games with each other, and they introduce new rules to tip the balance in their favour. I had to admire her argument, and grinned all the way home.