Returning to Tumbling Waters

While quietly raging against the world and it’s dog a few weeks ago I walked away from Tumblr (again). I’ve been a member on-and-off since the beginning in 2007, and made all kinds of unlikely and unplanned far flung friends along the way.

I thought “oh, it’s fine, I’ll just add their RSS feeds to Feedly, and read about them there”, but of course the world doesn’t really work like that. You suddenly read a post and want to tell the author somethingand if you’re stood on the platform, watching the train going by, you can’t really talk to anybody on the trainSo I’m back. I’ve given in. There’s a truism that marketers on the internet sometimes mentionthat you should follow the people if you’re looking to take part in a community. I guess returning to Tumblr is party thatthe communitybut also because there are things I sometimes want to share that are bigger than Tweets, and smaller than the navel gazing banality-filled bore-fests I’m likely to write here. Maybe I missed the scrapbooking nature of Tumblr. Hellif everybody like me left Tumblr, there would be very little original content being pumped into the system.

The challenge now is to find the circle of friends I used to follow. My memory is shockingly bad, so I’m having to adopt the not-devious-at-all tactic of looking at other’s comments, and trying to recognise faces in the crowd. I find myself thinking “is that so-and-so?”, or “what was the name of the guy that worked in the coffee shop?“Let’s place bets on how long it will be until I complain about the way Tumblr works, or kill the account againI think last time I survived for about 2 years.