Strange Dreams

I was in a field similar to the playing fields of the primary school I went to, and people were kicking footballs aroundkicking them high in the air. I remember worrying that somebody was going to get hurt, when “thump”, a group of people sitting on the grass did get hit by a lofted ball.

The majority of people milling around on the field seemed to be people I knew from the various online communitiesand after a few minutes I realised one particular girl was looking at me from periphery ofthe crowd. She kept catching my eye making me self conscious. Finally we ended up face to face at the side of a London bus parked near the middle of the field (don’t ask me how it got there).I started introducing myself in the stumbling, nervous way that guys do when faced with a striking girl, and without warning, mid-sentence, she kissed me. And I woke up.

Dreams are weird.

The girl in question has been a distant acquaintanceon Tumblr for years. She is beautiful, and posts interesting, original, thought provoking content, but I’ve never really talked to her. Sure, we have liked each other’s posts, but nothing more.

The question now is do I tell her about the starring role she played in the waking dream of a stranger half way around the world, or do I quietly file it away in the “wink and a smile” box of dream memories that gets completely erased within a few days?