Without touching the ground

I’m aware that I haven’t written anything for a few days, and I’m not entirely sure I have anything worth sharingI’m not about to let that stop me. I’m a bit stupid like that.

This week has flown by. As ever, it has flown by because of things happening at workand you guessed itI can’t write about any of it. In a perfect world I would have all manner of adventures to impartjourneys to distant cities, and evenings spent wandering their streets in search of a quiet bar to gather my thoughts. This isn’t a perfect world thoughand the journeys are few and far between at present.

I’m about to embark on a development project at workwhich means week upon week at my desk, wrestling with massive mental conundrums. It means a dearth of anything to write about throughout the day, and a breathless race each evening to eat, wash up, deliver children to clubs, help with homework, and help however else I can throughout the house. Even the weekends are now filled with football, rugby, grocery shopping, and attempting to turn the washing machine and dryer into a fully operational flux capacitor.

While running here and there during the day I often notice the mayhem happening around me, and think “I need to blog about this”, but invariably the rest of the day conspires to erase the thought entirely. I end up lying in bed in the early hours with an inkling that something happened, but no idea what it was.