Writing the Anti-Blog

Blogging used to be about sharing your thoughts, the story of your day, your hopes, your dreams, and so on. If you pay any attention to the “professional bloggers” out there, you would be fooled into thinking it is now all about statistics, a list of recent posts, comments, keywords, tags, social, photos, a niche, categories, connections, and all sorts of other things. Well that’s total and utter bollocks.

If you do half the things the “professionals” tell you, you turn your little corner of the internet into a piece of junk mail. What starts out as a few words you wanted to share with the world turns into a campaign flyer, and then nobody takes a blind bit of notice of it. I guess the opposite is Twitter, where all you have is a pithy sentencebut then your words get lost in the morass of the other million people sharing their 140 characters with the world.

I don’t really know that I even have a point behind this post. I don’t have a conclusionother than knowing that I don’t want this blog to become some kind of bizarre campaign flyer. It will be irreverent, boring, individual, unique, original, and all those other words that mean it’s not polished, or “professional”.