A Moment from the Journey Home

While travelling home on the train last night, I found myself sitting adjacent to two gentlemen of a certain age - perhaps 60 - dressed in suits, and sensible coats. They both carried briefcases, both obviously knew each other, and relaxed into their various de-stressing activities after getting comfortable - one played a card game on his phone, while the other did the crossword in the free newspaper.

After a few minutes sat in relative silence, the train started to move. They both looked up, and then at each other. One of them was travelling forwards, and the other backwards.

“Does it not bother you, facing backwards while travelling on the train?”

“Not at all. I think you’ll find you’re in the worse predicament”

(they both had immaculate “BBC Newsreader” English accents)

“What do you mean?”

“Well… if the train crashes head on into another one, I will be cushioned by the seat and wall behind me - you on the other hand will be catapulted straight past me - Aaaaarrrggghhhh - and will break every bone in your body on the bulkhead at the end of the carriage”.

Both men raised eyebrows as they processed the possible scene, and returned to their activities. I grinned into my mobile phone, and they noticed me grinning.

Suddenly we were all laughing.