I have nothing to do

I still feel like crap - just in case you haven’t been reading, I’ve had the flu for the last week - and am about to go home a little early. I’m half watching a long-running process on a client’s server do it’s magic, before deciding if enough is enough, and running away.

I’m going to spend tomorrow doing nothing on purpose. Watching movies. Drinking tea.

Every time I’m sick I seem to sense that I’m startingto get better, and immediately throw caution to the wind - and before you know it, I’m sick again. I’m in the middle of that happening right now. It’s a skill.

Anyway… I think the family are out anyway - visiting the in-laws while I fight the good fight in the office (software development is hardly a fight though - unless you include hitting yourself for being stupid, which I do regularly).

Why am I writing this? It’s not like anybody will read it anyway.