Listening to Mr Mister

The title of this post could be a tongue twister, couldn’t it. In reality I’m listening to a play-list on Spotify called “Great Tunes” that I started compiling for myself. Kyrie is playing at the moment. I was going to include a link, but I never click on anything like that, so I’m guessing nobody else does either. Perhaps that holds true for 90% of the social internet - features invented based on how the designers would like people to behave, as against how they will actually behave (read: take no notice whatsoever).

This morning our middle daughter left for the week, to go on a Girl Guide camp - a week away from us to fend for herself. I think she’ll do fine - certainly better than the older girl she was sitting next to on the coach prior to departure that burst into tears and plastered her hands and face against the glass of the coach windows. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for her Mum to unload her bags back of the coach, and do the walk of shame back to their car. We did notice that she didn’t have half the things on the kit-list either, but tried not to judge. I reminded my other half that she is almost a career Girl Guide - she earned all the badges for everything, and later became a brownie leader. The scene in our house over the past 24 hours has been like preparations for a military operation.

Anyway… Miss 11 is gone for the next week. We are down to a family of four for a few days - or rather a family of three by Monday afternoon, because I’m heading north with work again. Miss 10 is in a Judo camp all week, so my other half and eldest will be home alone together. I’m guessing it will either be good for them, or the beginning of world war three.

As I said - I’m heading north once again. After next week I head north once again (to Leeds) for a one day site visit, and then have two weeks holiday in August to attend a wedding in Ireland. Looking forward to it, but also aware I need to make sure my suit is clean and pressed. I rarely wear a suit - when meeting people at work I try to get away with smart-casual - I’m a developer, not a salesman.

My other half bought me a big bottle of beer on the way back from the hospital - probably thanks for once again spending the greater part of my Saturday running the washing machine again, and again, and again - with stuff in it, obviously - not empty.

I foresee an evening of junk food and movies ahead (hopefully). Maybe an hour or two of catching up with far flung friends too. I think people call this “down time”.

Before any of that, I’m filling the Kindle up with books ready for next week - top of the list will be “To Kill a Mocking Bird” by Harper Lee - which I have somehow managed to avoid thus far in my life.