Not a Secret

In the space of 1 month I went from being a nobody on LiveJournal to being 250th in the WORLD. Granted, I have no idea how they measure it, and I wasn’t even chasing it, but f*ck 250th I imagine getting any higher would mean prostituting myself to the internet like so many others have done (or buying an expensive SLR, and taking photos of my dinner in a succession of London Soho eateries, while wearing whatever the clothes shop around the corner is selling).

Do I sound cynical? OF COURSE I sound cynical.

I couldn’t actually give the tiniest shit about ranking on the interwebs - because it’s not about that. It’s about making real friends, who will ask after you when you’re having a hard time, or who will celebrate with you when you achieve something, or that will laugh at you when you make a dick of yourself.

So LiveJournal can shove their ratings up their butt.