Random Utterances

The last few days have seemed like I’m a part of a big machinea machine that has some impenetrably mysterious reason for being. I get up, have a shower, get dressed, cycle to work, curse at myself for a few hours, cycle home, eat dinner, wash up, tidy up, mess around on the internet for a while, and finally fall into bed. Along the way there are innumerable distractions, struggles, and opportunities to procrastinate, but on the whole each week day recently has followed the same path.

A phone call earlier in the week brought about a change. I’m travelling north on Monday eveningback to the north of England, back to a hotel room, and back to hours spent on trains rumbling across the country. I’m not entire sure how I feel about it. I like the opportunity for “me” time, but don’t like knowing that my other half will be pitched into single parent mayhem during the time I am away. I guess this time there is karma of sorts because the following week she is awayI will be working from home, making all the meals, and running the kids all over the place.

I just looked at my watch. It’s 10:30pm. The washing machine isn’t running. The house is too quiet without the washing machineit’s kind of a heart-beat in the background of everything else we do. Of course another reason for the house being so quiet is my other half has gone out for the eveningwhich explains why there is no distant sound of CSI, or NCIS, or Law and Order from a television somewhere. Random point of interestdid you know the actor that plays Gibbs in NCIS is married to the actress that played Mindy in “Mork and Mindy” ?I really have very little to share tonight. I’m tempted to not even post this, but that would cause problems for the obsessive compulsive corner of my brain that likes to see the unbroken sequence of markdown text files in DropBox (yepI file each blog post in my own nerdy card-file like archive). I’m a bit mad.

Time to go build pretend rockets in Kerbal Space Program I guess.