Anonymous in London

I returned to London for a meeting with a potential client todaythe first time back in the city for a while. I got a lift to one of the nearby railway stations with a co-worker, and managed to leave my phone in their car, but other than that the journey was remarkably uneventful.

It’s interestingtravelling with somebody. Where normally I might stop to take photographs along the way, or to sit in a coffee shop and watch the world go by, when you’re with somebody you can’t really do any of that.

So I have no photos. No stories to tell. Sorry.

Maybe I need a note like Batman on the calendar at work"I work alone, and only in blackand very dark shades of grey".

Actually, while referencing the LEGO movie, it’s funny how big cities so often resemble the opening scenes of the LEGO moviewith the endless stream of people and traffic in all directions. When you start to think about each person coming from somewhere, going somewhere, doing something, perhaps having a family, children, parents, and so on, it starts to make your head explode. Maybe notliterally explode, but I’m hoping you know what I mean.