Another Week in London

I was back in the office todaymadly scrambling through email, timesheets, filing expenses, and attempting to finish work that had been slotted into my calendar in my absence. Among the pages of emails was a message asking me to confirm yet another stint in London.

The week after next I will be back in London every day, doing exactly the same job that I have been doing this weekteaching, and consulting. Who would have guessed when I started out down the software and web development route years ago that I would end up standing in front of rooms full of people, teaching them how to do clever stuff? Who would have guessed that I would be any good at it?This time the client is much biggerI imagine the room will be filled with more people. More people means a bigger mix of skills, which means everybody has to go more slowly. This week was easy, because I had one person to teach, and they had development experience. I often find myself in the same situation as the mathematics teacher when I started collegehe realised how rubbish some of us were and started again, from basic principles. I get that a lot when I’m doing training coursesgoing off-piste for an hour or two, filling gaps in people’s knowledge to hopefully give some context to “why we do this thing the way we do”.


I’ll try to block all of that out of my mind until the week after next. Tonight we have a house full of girlsa delayed 12th birthday party and sleepover. I had to leave work early to buy groceries in order for them to make pizzas, popcorn for movies later, and fizzy drinks just to finish them off. I’m not trying to avoid being in the kitchen with them, because it’s about 150 decibels in there. I also bought wine for myself and my other half.

I’m going to start digging an escape tunnel in a bit.