Deconstructing Christmas

I’m not entirely sure how I managed to wake up at a half-sensible time this morning. After racing home from the cinema we bought a metric ton of pizza, wine, and garlic bread, and invited friends round for a post-Christmas catch-up. After talking all over the new Fantastic Four movie, and eating or drinking everything in sight, we looked at the clocksomehow it was 1am. We said our goodbyes, washed up, tidied up, and fell into bed at about 3am (don’t ask me how that happened).

I vaguely remember the radio alarm clock switching on at 7am. I then remember a weird dream involving a friend from the internet that made no sense what-so-ever before waking up a little before 9. I scraped myself out of bed and fell into the shower, brushed my teeth, and wandered into the lounge. After looking at the slowly disintegrating Christmas Tree, and the rag-tag collection of remaining Christmas decorations, I decided they had to come down -they would have to come down in a few days anyway to prevent some kind of medieval curse from falling on our housethe “12th night” hoodoo.

It took an hour to take everything down. I trudged back and forth from the steps to the attic, fetching boxes, and filling them with baubles, tinsel, and various stuffed Santa effigies. While doing so my other half sat in bed, squinting at her phone. The final act saw me drag the tree up the garden and fling it onto the pyre that will be burned as soon as the weather clears up a bit. A suitable viking end to the yule-tide festivities to look forward to.

While writing this my other half has emerged, and is playing “Super Smash Brothers” on the Wii U against the children. I’ve just downed a coffee, and may well go for another. I guess lunchtime will arrive next, and I’ll find myself making enough cheese sandwiches to sink a small battleship. They’re playing “Mario Kart” nowI can hear them debating on which characters to pickthe trash talking has already started.

Perhaps I’ll go tell them about the Fantastic Four movie.