I have a Stationary Problem

In-between helping our youngest daughter choose presents and a card for mothers day (which is tomorrow on this side of the world), Ijust happened to be passing the stationers in town, so said “why don’t we look in here to see if they might have anything Mum might like”. Har har.

We all know the real reason was because my new Filofax had been delivered the day before, and the stationers has all manner of inserts for it on one of their shelves. Notepapers, year-to-view fold-out calendars, address pages, A-Z dividers, transparent zip-lock wallets you name itif I could conceivably think of a use for it, I picked it up.The one thing I didn’t get was a calculator.

On the way to the checkout another thought occurred to me, and we backtracked. A basic set of school stationary, with set-squares, protractors, and a compass. You seeI received a pencil case for Christmas this year, but thus far all it has contained has been a few pens, and a USB stick. It’s now full of all sorts of stuff that I may never use.

When we got home I set about filling out the various pages of the Filofax, and rapidly figured that it was going to bereallyhard work. In the past I have switched to organisers of a similar shape and size, but this is an entirely different form-factor, so I can’t “borrow” anythingI’m having to re-write en-mass. I have to keep telling myself that it is both good to clear the cruft out, and that the end result will be an achievement of sorts. Not the sort of achievement you might ever tell anybody about, but still