Off Sick

After working like a trojan all weekend to keep the house and family together while everybody else was sick, my body finally held up the surrender flag this morning. I wrote an email to work at 8:30 letting them know I wouldn’t be in, and switched on “out-of-office”.

I sat through a few training course videos for work this morning, but beyond that I’ve done nothing so far today. I’m slowly being driven insane by the dog next door barking continually at the builders working on the next house along. I’ve switched Spotify on just to drown out the noise.

While reading the news just now I noticed the World Chess Championships is on at the moment, and is approaching the final game - scheduled to be played this evening. I played around with building my own chess engine years ago - it’s one of the nerdiest, most complicated software development projects - kind of like climbing Everest in it’s own way. I’m just aware how many people have gone a bit mad either playing chess, or working on chess engines though, which keeps me from getting too deep into it. It would quickly become all-consuming.

Anyway. A cup of tea. I need another cup of tea.