Off the Radar

I looked at my mobile phone a few minutes ago - it’s still reading over 80% battery charge remaining. This wouldn’t normally be that remarkable, only the phone hasn’t been on charge since 7am this morning - 15 hours ago. I have received little or no email today, no text messages, no instant messages, and no private messages from social networks. This is what it must feel like to wear Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak.

At the children’s football practice this evening I caught the last five minutes, and stood alone at the side of the pitch. After a little while I realised a fewother parents had appeared, and were engaged in spirited conversations a few yards away. Nobody greeted me, and nobody noticed as I shepherded the children off the pitches at the end.

I wonder if invisibility is a skill I didn’t realise I had?Quite often while cycling through town a driver will behave as if I really am invisible - turning across me, cutting me up, or driving head-on at me past parked cars. I think that has a lot more to do with impatientarseholes than magical cloaking abilities though.