Other People Have Evenings

It’s just gone 11pm. This is first chance I have really had to sit down and do what I want since getting out of bed at 7am this morning. I didn’t even get to stop at lunchtimeI ate sandwiches over the keyboard while writing code at workracing to have something good to talk about at a 4pm telephone conference with a client. Not fun.

My other half and two of our children stayed at home todaya bug seems to be sweeping through the local schools. I returned home from work to a house that looked like a V1 rocket had landed on it at some point during the dayand set about clearing the decks while our middle girl made dinner (she’s a great cook, but very slow). Somehow making spaghetti bolognese for everybody used every damn cooking pot, plate, and piece of cutlery in the houseit took me an hour to wash up afterwards.

Highlight of the nightwhile running here there and everywherewas our youngest daughter playing “The Sims”. We have finally let her play it, after years of claiming she was too young. What’s the worst she could do? See a cartoon person kiss another cartoon person? At her age I was probably searching books in the library for scandalous passages.

After the kids went to bed I wandered into the lounge, and offered to make my other half a cup of tea. Moments later, I discovered a distinct lack of milk in the fridgewhich also explains how I found myself walking to the local garage at 10:30pm. Of course I couldn’t just buy milkI also bought Lucozade, and chocolate.

Chocolate solves everything. Until you’ve eaten it all. Then you feel sick for a few minutes, and then when that feeling has subsided, you think “I could do with some more"but you’re unwilling to walk to the garage again, and even more unwilling to be that person that re-appears in the same shop, buying the same thing again.

I’ve stood in supermarket queues behind huge people in the past, and absent mindedly looked at what they were buying. Oh my wordthere really is no secret to how they get to be the size they become. It takes years of concerted effortand many family packs of deserts, cakes, and pastries. Very many.

Suddenly my 93 gram bar of Cadbury’s latest gimmick doesn’t seem so badespecially as I haven’t had any chocolate for the best part of a week.

In other news, if you’re looking at this blog post on the wider internet, you’ve probably noticed I changed the look and feel of the blog. Something a bit more interestingmore visual. I’ve also begun overlapping the various online identitieslisting “me” at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so on in the header of the blog. I can’t imagine anybody actually clicks on those things, but you never know.

Finally, we stayed up late last night and watched the first couple of episodes of Season 6 of “Game of Thrones”. It’s getting tremendously predictable, but I will admit to loving the double act of Tyrion and Varysthey make the entire show worth watching. I’m trying to stay away from spoilers and fan speculationI like to just sit and watch it when I get a chance (which is usually at 1 in the morning).

Right time is marching on. I need to sleep. I have a few emails to write to friends too. Onwards and sideways!