Recycling Old Blog Posts

One of the quite wonderful benefits of splitting my social media endeavours into many parts (and yes, it really does feel like I’ve created a number of Horcruxes), is that I get to share old blog posts from time to time - to make them new again.

Of course I’m not talking about recycling them here. I’m talking about re-surfacing them in the “real world” (or is this the “real world”? - it’s confusing). I’m also re-writing huge swathes of them along the way - correcting typos, fixing grammar, and re-wording ugly passages. Sometimes I read my own words and wonder what on earth I was thinking - but then I also find the odd sentence here and there, and wonder why the rest of the garbage I pollute the internet with is so poor in comparison.

Anyway. Another post about nothing in particular, because apart from headbutting the desk all day at work (again), and facing a mountain of chores the moment I walked in (again), nothing of consequence has happened in my rather mundane existence on our hurtling ball of mud.