Stepping Away from the Edge

I wobbled this week. I looked at this “upside down” I have created, this “horcrux”, and I wondered if it was a good idea. And as quickly as I began thinking through a method of throwing everything into the air once more, I talked myself back out of it.

I really am my own worst enemy.

Topside, I have been playing with Medium - the blogging platform that has been growing in popularity for the past several years. It was founded by one of the people behind Twitter because they were not happy with the state of publishing on the internet, and has quickly become the antethesis of everything that commercial publishing has evolved into. It’s all about content, and quality.

And that’s how I managed to talk myself out of doing anything stupid.

This blog is NOT about quality - it’s about me emptying my head, and you getting to read all the junk that falls through my fingers into the keyboard. It’s about me having somewhere to do that - to write the stupid thoughts, the unfounded opinions, and the idiotic dreams, and for you to hopefully not judge me too harshly.

Of course now and again I might write something I’m perhaps a little proud of, and I might share that elsewhere. But this place? This is closer to the “real” me. Less edited. Less filtered.