Sunday Morning

It’s heading towards 11am on a cold and frosty Sunday morning. I noticed yesterday after the wind picked up that most of the leaves have now fallen from the trees. Suddenly the world looks very stark, and foreboding.

I’ve already dropped our youngest off at a birthday party happening in town, folded another load of laundry up, and put another load of washing in the machine. It’s funny - whenever my other half goes away and I hit the ground running with the chores, the house lurches back towards being a pleasant place to spend time in - and yet I know that given a week of my absence (I travel with work next week), I will return to a complete and utter pigsty again.

Anyway. Enough of the real world.

The more eagle eyed readers of my online jibberish may have noticed that I “aligned the planets” a few days ago - re-naming most connections to “me the blogger” to an anagram of my real name. I’m not so much slipping under the radar, as continuing in plain sight. I guess the humorous element to this is there are people that know the anagram in the real world - I imagine they will smile broadly if they ever discover the rubbish I write on the internet.

I’ve ended up returning to what I did for a long time - cross-posting into WordPress, LiveJournal, and Tumblr. Each has their own community, and remarkably little overlap. I will say though - every time I return to LiveJournal, it reminds me that it’s my favourite destination, despite it being an archaic, badly designed rabbit warren of content. Maybe its ramshackle nature is part of it’s appeal?

I’ve also signed up various social and instant messaging things - KIK, SnapChat, Pinterest and Reddit. I like KIK because it’s simple. I hate SnapChat because it’s so unintuitive, but the filters are fun.

I mentioned to somebody a few days ago that they might laugh if they knew how the longer posts get to WordPress, Tumblr, and LiveJournal. They start out as text files on one of my computers (I have both an old desktop machine - “Trigger’s Broom”, and an old netbook). The text files are then saved into a repository at GitHub for safe keeping, and finally copy and pasted into the blogs. I also typically either take a photo, or lookup some random photo on Google Images to go with the post. It’s probably worth noting that I used the Opera browser to keep all things related to the blog (bookmarks, history, cookies, etc) separate from my real name too. It just helps keep things separate, I suppose. Of course Opera has VPN built in, which keeps both mine and your blogs out of the access logs at work too à ƒÃ‚ ƒÃƒ ‚ °Ãƒ ƒÃ‚ ‚à ‚ ŸÃƒ ƒÃ‚ ‚à ‚ ™Ãƒ ƒÃ‚ ‚à ‚ ‚

If you really want to go digging, the entire archive of the blog is available at GitHub (

Anyway - enough of this. I need to go get some groceries. Food for dinner tonight, and for packed lunches during the week ahead. The list of tasks never ends.