The End of Eating Rubbish

In order to help our middle daughter shed a few pounds, we’re all going to take part, because we are all a little way from where we should be (hell, who am I kiddingI’m heavier than I’ve ever been).

We’re “officially” starting today, so all stepped on the scales this morning, and recorded our weights into a Google Spreadsheet. We’re going to weigh in each Monday morning apparently, to see who’s doing the best. We already decided we’re going to mark progress as a percentage of each person’s starting weight, rather than the actual amount lost.

Of course we’re not all playing the gameour youngest has no weight to lose (apart from the massive burger she vanished at the weekend).

Here’s my masterplan to make sure I winstop eating between meals. That’s it. Really scientific, isn’t it. If I just cut out snacks, I know the weight will fall off me, because I’ve done it before. I guess we also have an advantage in that we have a coeliac, and a vegatarian in the house, so most of our meals are healthy anyway.

I’m also going to start running again. I ran back from the kids dance practice the other evening after dropping them offit’s only a mile, but I knew I had done it. If I can at least get back to running a few kilometres somewhat regularly, I’ll be happy. In some ways I miss running, because it was “me” timetime away from everybody and everything else.

Oh, and just for the recordjust because Ican stop myself from eating between meals doesn’t mean it iseasy.I could kill for a chocolate cookie right now.