Adding Photography to the Mix

Many years ago - before the advent of Instagram - I had a Flickr account. Thinking about it, I had a Flickr account before Flickr was owned by Yahoo - a long time ago now. I used to take photos on my little Fuji digital camera, download them at the end of the day, upload a selection of them, title them, describe them, and arrange them into albums.

Somewhere along the way I stopped doing it. I guess Instagram, and Google Photos came along, and seduced us all into sharing little square photos with each other, or even saving everything we take into “the cloud” behind our back. Laziness won.

I’m trying something out - I’m staging a return of sorts to Flickr. After signing up for a Yahoo mail account yesterday (, it occurred to me that the Yahoo account would come with a free Flickr account. To begin with I’ve just uploaded a selection of Instagram photos from the last couple of years - over the coming weeks and months I will try to remember to upload the better photos, and perhaps curate them somewhat.

Anyway - here’s the URL -

If you have a Flickr account, feel free to have a nose around. I’ll almost certainly follow back as long as you’re not a marketing moron.