I Should Be Asleep

I have a taxi to the airport arriving early tomorrow morning. At the time of writing it’s ten minutes until midnight, and yet here I am, still up. I thought processing a few thoughts might help me sleep.

Throughout the day while standing at the side of rugby pitches, washing up, or packing my bags for tomorrow, I have been looking in on the slow but steady destruction of a community on the internet I have known since 2007. There is a real sense of loss, and yet those involved are so busy setting fire to everything they have lost sight of what they are losing.

The reckoning that has taken place has caused many to look up from their computers, and decide that taking their chances with the real world might be preferrable to investing any more in a persona portrayed through words and pictures to an unknown audience spread half-way around the world.

It’s ironic. The invention we were told would make the world smaller seems to have enabled a small minority to inject a huge distance between a great many people very quickly indeed.

Anyway. Change of subject.

I watched the season finale of “Halt and Catch Fire” this evening. The series finale. The end. There will be no more Cameron Howes, Joe McMillans, Gordon Clarks, Donnas, or John Bosworths to slowly pull me inside out each week. I lived the decades the stories covered, and could often find both myself and people I have known in the characters. I will miss it.

I need sleep. My bag is mostly packed, the Kindle is fully charged, my work phone is charged, I have cash for the taxi, and currency for my first meal. I’m guessing my next post will be written from a hotel room in Frankfurt, Germany. Safe travels.