Idiocy is a Key Skill

For the entire time I was playing with Blogger, hoping for it to be better than it actually was, I was secretly cross-posting into a hidden WordPress blog. I actually entertained plans to migrate over to the Ghost blogging platform, and got as far as buying a domain name and some trial webspace. After 48 hours filing repeated support calls to the hosting company for things they did wrong, I realised just how stupid I was being, and returned to WordPress with my tail between my legs.

I’ve already done all the tinkering, and reduced the blog down to perhaps the most minimal combination of not-much that can be achieved.

If you’ve tripped over this post by chance, you might like to know that this post is just the latest on top of a pile of over four thousand other posts - stretching back to 2003. I’m trying to imagine a scene with a pile of old newspapers stretching into the sky, and you peering up at it, murmuring “holy crap?!”, in a disbelieving manner.

Anyway. Feel free to follow my forgettable nonsense. It’s quite entertaining sometimes, honest.