Not Going Out

I had tickets to the England Ladies rugby game against Canada this evening. I left work early so we could set off in time to get there and find our seats in the stadium. I’m not at the England Ladies rugby game - I’m sitting in the study at home, so Miss 17 doesn’t come home to an empty house. Thankfully the tickets weren’t too expensive. At some point later this evening I will receive a text message, and make my way to the local railway station to walk Miss 17 home.

Surprisingly, I’m not too angry about it. I might be a bit more angry if Miss 17 gets off the train with friends, going through with plans for a sleepover that we said a big fat “no” to last night. I haven’t seen her since - she stopped eating dinner on the spot, walked to her room, and shut the door.

If each year of adolescence has a phrase attached to it, I’m going to pencil in “give an inch, take a foot” for “17”.

Anyway - at least she will be safe, and I’m sitting in the warm, instead of being wrapped in a coat, hat, and scarf in the stadium all night. I think the temperature might dip below freezing later too - although I’m guessing a crowd keeps itself warm in much the same way penguins do.

I’m listening to P!nk on Spotify. While there’s nobody around I get to turn her up to 11, and nobody complains. I think the old lady next door is as deaf as a post, so no brooms being thumped against the wall either. P!nk wrote her music to be played loud, didn’t she.

I would wander to the corner shop and pick up a bottle of wine and some chocolate, but gave all my cash to the rest of the family as they headed out to the game. Money for hot chocolate, and snacks. I think they might need it.

“Just Give Me a Reason” started playing. I might have to stop typing to listen. I don’t tend to sing along to anything - I sit in silence, listening, and nerding out.

What else can I fill my evening with? Another dive into the lives of others through the mighty WordPress? Quite possibly. If you see likes, comments, and whatever else from me, at least you’ll know what’s going on.

Hey - it’s the weekend. I almost forgot. I should probably do a carthwheel or something - if I did though, I would almost certainly destroy the other desk, and break my legs. Better not try. It’s the weekend though! (does silent - and slightly pathetic - fist pumping cheer).

Postscript - Miss 17 texted me just as I settled down with a giant tub of ice-cream that everybody else forgot about. I almost ran to the train station - the train rolled in just as I approached. It’s already below zero outside. She left the train alone (phew!), and we walked into town together to get her something to eat. And a bottle of wine. Don’t judge me. Home again now, looking for something ridiculous to watch.