Returning to Frankfurt

I’m winding things down at work today, ahead of travelling to Frankfurt in Germany next week. The flight is booked, the hotel is booked - I just need to turn up, find the hotel, pretend to be clever for a week, then return home again in time for tea and medals.

I’m staying in a different place in the city this time - which may turn out to be something of a blessing. Given that Oktoberfest seems to be happening, hotels have been booked up everywhere, so I’m staying in a hostel a mile or so from the place I’m working, rather than across the road. It will mean a twenty minute walk to and from the office each day, but given the opportunity to explore, I’m actually looking forward to it.

In the movies, travelling to foreign countries seems to mean chance encounters between strangers, and unlikely new friendships. In reality the modern world causes nobody to even make eye contact with you, let alone talk. I will spend the week stressing out about work during the day, and wondering what to occupy myself with in the evenings. It would be easy to sit in my hotel room and watch movies for the entire week, but that seems like a waste. If the weather is good I will walk the streets, stop at bars, watch the world go by, and write a blog post or two. It’s kind of “what I do”.