Saying Goodbye to the Netbook

This evening I erased the hard hard-drive on the old netbook computer that’s been kicking around the house for the last few years, and gave it to my other half to donate to charity. She works at a school, and a charity regularly visits to take hardware away with them for various projects.

I bought the computer about nine years ago - back when netbooks were taking over the world, and were incredibly cheap. It’s still a perfectly good computer for writing - the only problem is I have a much better one that weighs half as much, has a full size keyboard, and lasts all day on a battery charge - a Chromebook.

For the last couple of years it suffered repeated frontal-lobe lobotomies as I re-installed it’s brain again and again with various different flavours of Linux. I had no practical purpose in doing so of course - I was tinkering. I’m good at tinkering. Actually, that’s perhaps not such a good thing to be good at.

Anyway - another computer down (we donated another netbook earlier in the year).

We still have an old Macbook hiding in a bag under the desk, and an iMac in the attic (one of the pretty coloured Macs with a built-in screen). I seem to remember the iMac being a novelty birthday present - acquired from a school where it had been sitting untouched and unloved in a store cupboard for twenty years. It now sits in our attic. I really should get it back down.