About Last Night

Last night we were invited to spend the evening having a barbecue with old friends. It was needed. If you’ve been reading these posts for the last few weeks, you’ll know how distracted, stressed, tired, and irritable I have been. I don’t think I’ve ever filtered quite so much from the blog.

As evening turned to night, and stars swept overhead, we sat in the garden, drank too much, ate wonderful food, and talked about everything and anything - from terrible movies to favorite books, and of course local gossip. Some people seem to know a little of everything that’s going on around them - I typically know nothing, or at least like others to think that. I’m more of a listener, and keeper of secrets - I always have been.

I’m not sure what time we got home - it must have been the early hours.

Today began with chores. Weekend chores. Washing clothes, drying clothes - the usual. It then found me standing on the touchline of a football pitch for a couple of hours. While wandering towards the ground I noticed a helicopter circle the pitches before lowering down out-of-sight. At first I thought it might be the police, but then turned the final corner towards Miss 13’s impending game, and saw the air ambulance landed in the centre circle of one of the pitches.

The rumor mill spoke of a terrible leg break. I watched for a few minutes as the pilots stood in front of the helicopter, visors still down, communicating with paramedics. Somebody’s summer has probably been wrecked.

This afternoon has been a lot slower. We are all tired. It turns out burning the candle at both ends - trying to work, do chores, ferry children around, and trying to be sociable - takes it out of you. Who knew ?

Here’s hoping the evening holds nothing more than Netflix, food, and perhaps a book. Who am I kidding? I’ll be up until the early hours reading blog posts, commenting, liking, and vanishing down rabbit holes. It’s what the internet was designed for.