Coming Home

I came home from work mid-morning. I’ve most probably picked a virus up of the kids. While I don’t feel that dreadful, it was causing me to have trouble concentrating, which inevitably leads to all manner of creative and wonderful mistakes. Better not to make them in the first place than return tomorrow and try to pick apart what I might have done.

So here I am - back in the study at home. The washing machine is quietly rumbling it’s way through a spin cycle, somewhere else in the house. You might say the washing machine provides the background music to daily life around here.

I need to switch the central heating onto continuous - the temperature has dropped below freezing outside. National news is full of dire warnings about the end of civilisation as we know it - they do this every time a few flakes of snow fall. It’s every so slightly ridiculous. I imagine people will be panic buying bread and milk at the supermarket today. Idiots.

After back-filling Tumblr late last night, I continued on and resurrected an account at Ello. Remember Ello? They were the not-social network that was going to destroy Facebook a few years ago - in much the same manner that Vero seem to be attacking Instagram this week. I’ll give Ello a shot for a few months, and see where it leads. I’m thinking of this whole escapade as “taking my writing to the readers”, rather than hoping to persuade them to come visit one particular platform.

I wonder if a cup of coffee will make me feel any better?