Memory is a curious thing. While clearing the kitchen up last night I had a really good idea for a blog post. Unfortunately all I can now remember is that I had a really good idea - I have no recollection of what the idea was.

Oh well.

Today is Friday. I’m sitting at my desk on the top floor of the building, listening to Avril Lavigne as part of a “Throwback” playlist on Apple Music. I’m supposed to be working on some programming for a client project, but lunchtime is fast approaching - it can wait. I’m not really hungry either - all my own fault - one of my co-workers brought cookies in to celebrate his birthday. I’ve made two rounds of coffee so far, and eaten two cookies.

The cycle in to work this morning was brutal. The weather has suddenly turned this week - after a wonderful summer, heavy clouds are rolling overhead, the temperature has dropped, and I’m suddenly wearing huge, baggy hoodies. Being away or travelling with work for the better part of a month has lost quite a bit of power from my legs - turning the pedals over the last few mornings has seemed more difficult than usual.

What else has been going on?

It looks like Miss 18 is dropping out of college. Actually - not so much “looks like” - more “has”. At first I was horrified, angry, and frustrated - but after a few hours to absorb it all, I began wondering if some people are just not academic - and that having a year away from it all might do her some good. As soon as all this happened, a job offer essentially fell in her lap. It’s only part time, but it will be something. If you see me walking strangely, it’s because I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

Miss 14 officially left Girl Guides this week - being awarded the “Baden Powell Challenge” award to cap off a record going all the way back through Rainbows, Brownies, and Guides. She also picked up badges to mark more than 25 nights spent under canvas to sew to her camp blanket.

Miss 13 has been away all week on a school residential trip. It’s been strange without her bouncing around the house. I have been looking after her hamster in her absence - feeding it each night, and coralling it while it runs around her bed. It’s a golden hamster with red eyes called “Holly”. I always think of her as “Holly Golightly”, and imagine her having Audrey Hepburn’s voice.

Anyway. Lunchtime is coming to an end. Just enough time left to make a coffee - fuel to better survive the afternoon. Not that I’m watching the clock, honest.